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Ravi Pandit - Chairman & Group CEO, KPIT Cummins Info systems Ltd

I have known Mr. Deepak Shikarpur for over 2 decades now first as a colleague in the Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, where he headed the IT committee and then as the Chairman of CSI and for many years as a fellow IT Professional.I have always been deeply impressed by Deepak's knowledge and commitment to information technology as well as his contribution to public life and his creativity and intelligence. Deepak brings value to any discussion of which he is a part.

Padmabhushan Dr R.A. Mashelkar

Deepak Shikarpur is a most remarkable entrepreneur committed passionately to the cause of the IT literacy of the common man. I have myself released a couple of his books. His contribution in computer science lingo in Marathi has been extremely effective and has helped many careers. He is also helping Pune International Center as Convener of the Programs Committee. His excellent inter personal communication skills, his commitment, concern for the society and hard work make him a very special leader.

Dr. Ganesh Natarajan – Former CEO, Zensar Technologies

Deepak is one of the most outstanding IT Leaders of Maharashtra. He combines in him great business acumen, a track record of success in various business and academic roles and a passion for community and national and state leadership. He will be an asset to any organisation where he plays a leader or mentor role !

Anant Sardeshmukh

I have known Deepak as the chairman of MCCIA I.T. Committee, and as an active Rotarian. He is an asset I.T and business personality, an individual with high energy levels, and pursuing multifarious activities. Clarity and conviction of thoughts, ability to provide able guidance are the qualities easily noticeable in him.

Minocher Patel

“I have known Deepak for quite a while now and I am amazed by his networking and people’s skills. It’s amazing to see how he has grown in his career over the years and most amazingly how he has reinvented himself. I am sure Deepak with all his good qualities will rise to greater heights. I am glad to have him as my friend.“

Vandana Shanbhag Pai Maroor - (Asian Gold Medalist, an Olympian & Arjun Award winner from President if India, Dr. Venkat Raman)

Deepak is my schoolmate. After our school-days long back, we went into two different corners of the nation. However, we were constantly in touch with each other. It was a pleasant shock to all the schoolmates to learn about him: - How a small seed from Solapur has grown into a Tall tree of the IT World. Deepak was a bright student right from the school days. However, when we analyze the great achievements of my best friend, the answer lies in his rare inbuilt qualities. He is a quick learner. Once he takes a decision about anything, it is a treat to observe his Persistent determination till he achieves his goals. He has touched the great heights due to his Intelligence, sincerity, hard-working qualities & great Management capabilities. He is a man with a difference. He has touched great heights in the IT world. However, the greatness lies in his simplicity. He has no complexes. He mixes feely with all the friends. He is ready to help anyone 24 x 7. With his achievements, he has become more confident person now & his body language & positive attitude illustrates the same. He has developed great presentation skills. His audience must have experienced the Humorous angle of his lectures. He is an ocean of ideas. His work as a writer is outstanding in the IT area. It is obvious that with all these achievements, he has received a number of great awards from each dignity of India . I am really proud to have such a Great friend in my list of near ones.

When I look back & analyze my best friend, I can only see a Kind Able Perfect Entrepreneur, who is an Engineer with a difference & truly a Doctor of the 21st century.

Padmashree Mrs. Lila Poonawalla

Dr. Deepak Shikarpur came in contact with me about 15 years ago, and since than I have come to know him, I believe, reasonably well. He is a very warm and friendly person. He has no Hype about himself and is reasonably down to earth. He is dedicated to whatever he undertakes, and finishes the job for which he assumes responsibility, sincerely and with great enthusiasm. He has a very helpful nature and many a times goes out of the way to help people. He is of course very knowledgeable in the IT field and keeps track of all the new developments. He also has a very effective network, both professionally and personally. He is young and ambitious and I wish him great success in all his endeavors.

Dr. P C Shejwalkar's - Dean / Faculty of Management and Professor emeritus of Commerce and Management Sciences, University of Pune

“I am extremely proud of Dr. Deepak Shikarpur, who has achieved Himalayan heights is his own specialization in IT. I am proud of him for his imagination power and his active association with all sections of the educational world. I have seen that he has a vision and missionary zeal and therefore makes an active effort to train the youngsters in IT.”

S D Pradhan - Chairman & CEO Iopsis Software Pvt. Ltd and former CEO Tata Technologies India Ltd

Deepak is a person of high integrity, is very enterprising, has a knack of building great human relationships, strongly believes in community services and has an excellent empathy. Deepak is technically sound and utilizes his knowledge to educate people. He is a prolific writer and has written number of books to proliferate use of IT amongst the rural masses. He displays great Leadership qualities and is able to carry diverse team with him to achieve targeted goals. He has a gift of a gab and an imposing personality to become an excellent Leader.

Mr. Milind Padhye – Fromer Managing Director SYBASE Software (India) Pvt. Ltd.

“We are all very familiar (and grateful to you) regarding your ongoing initiatives to promote I.T. I remember your very effective and forceful article in Sakal, presenting a case on "how I.T. is benefiting the city of Pune.”

Late Dr. Arun Nigavekar - Former Chairman, University Grants Commission

“What makes one human different from the others?; it is behavioral pattern and sensitivity to surroundings and by this I mean humans response to the things that happen in the Society.

The 21st century society is looking for individuals who are sensitive to rapidly changing and very disturbing environment and who believe that change could be brought by thinking positively and doing sustainable positive things all the time.

Deepak is one such rare human, who thinks about everyone and believes that a Greater and Brighter Future is round the corner for India Youth. A rare specie indeed.”