Dr. Deepak’s Message to the youth of the 21st century

Dr. Deepak is a Technopreneur and a leading author of IT books. His mission is to promote computer education at all levels and he is armed with his pen and oratory skills! He is a popular newspaper columnist. For students seeking proper course of study or preparing for a vocation, he is a friend, philosopher and a guide. He is on his mission, spreading his message through his articles, books and talk-shows on IT all over Maharashtra.

My India My dreams (Youngistan meri Jaan) by Dr. Deepak Shikarpur

“I think that India has great opportunity to be a developed nation by 2020 by way of economic supremacy through human talent.

  • Having large population means having human capital, a talent reservoir.
  • On top of it entrepreneurship is blossoming. Indian entrepreneurs are very confident and globally competitive.
  • These developments will ensure jobs for all by 2030.
  • To cope with these changes we need to change our mindset.”

Think ahead, Dream Big and Become Rich

‘We should nurture our young talent and shape it like a sculptor to build our nation’ says he.’ Spirituality gives us peace of mind, it never justifies poverty.’

We need to realize that education is a means to create wealth. Wealth creation by fair means is not a crime. So do strive to become rich, super rich.

Once you start earning well, you can do a lot for the up-liftment of the underprivileged, and for nation building, soon will follow a fair value system in professional and personal life.

Young talent must dream and have aspirations to become great in life. Many successful people in India have become rich and famous, coming from nowhere. If one has the talent and the zest, one can make it.