A Friend In‘deed’

His friends say it’s a matter of pride to have him as a friend! He has guided them on several occasions and extended everlasting support to them. He is an inspiration to them. Deepak is always active, so he is a friend in ’deed’.

  • One really wonders if there is any field which Deepak has not touched” fondly remark his friends. During college days, one thing that Deepak spread around profusely was his enthusiasm. He was seen everywhere – in sports events, cultural activities, canteen, movie halls, in ‘the streets’ in the evenings, in the student association gatherings and occasionally even in the classrooms!
  • He was very well known all around, particularly for his extra-curricular activities. And yet, he always used to score ‘A’ grades in all the subjects! That was one thing none of his friends could understand. How did he manage to do so well in the exams after all that fun he used to have all the way? I guess, in addition to his natural intelligence, it was his keen sense of doing the right thing at the right time with optimum effort that made him standout.
  • His career progression is awesome and deserves admiration. He is a renowned professional in the Indian IT industry. With his writings in Marathi on the subject, he is doing a great service to the society. Again, it is his flair for doing the right thing at the right time that is behind his success.
  • Deepak has a clear view about what he wants to achieve in his life - personally, professionally and financially. For this he has a well-defined road map and he always works according to it. He leaves no stone unturned to ensure that he does not deviate from the road map.
  • Deepak is assertive and at times dominating, but this falls in line with the role he has carved out for himself. At times, he is too impatient and wants to achieve his goals much faster than what he has planned. It is because of this occasional impatience and sometimes, undue haste that he is often misunderstood in different walks of life. He strongly believes that only with time will such people realize that they have judged him wrong.
  • Socializing and partying is what Deepak really enjoys. He has friends from all walks of life. They know him as a good host and are always on a lookout for occasions to celebrate together.
  • He is media savvy and enjoys being a Page 1 to Page 3 figure. There is hardly a week where news about him or his photo does not figure in the media. For him media hype and professional success go hand in hand.
  • For this he has won several accolades and recognitions. He admits that the society has given him a lot and he wants to give it back to the society to his maximum. Many people don’t know that he spends the entire honorarium he gets from his writings on charity. He also encourages and motivates others to write articles and books.
  • Deepak has on several occasions mentioned that he lives life in compartments. There is a separate compartment in him for his family and relations, another one for his friends, another one for the society and yet another one for his profession. A ripple in any compartment does not cause waves in others.
  • He is a strong believer in relationships. For him a relationship is a life-long bond and commitment that everyone involved in it must realize. He, on his part goes all way out to ensure that the relationship is not just respected but it blossoms.
  • Deepak has had his share of setbacks. But with a positive attitude and a great sense of humor he has overcome the difficult moments in his life.
  • He has excellent command over languages and is a great writer too.
  • Deepak is a true disciple of Dr. Shejwalkar and has practiced management in all aspects of life, be it at home, career or Rotary. He has a great vision and planned his life and career very well.
  • For him family members are friends and friends are family say his friends affectionately. He is a great charmer and wins hearts of the younger generation and befriends kids too.